How do I add a payment plan to a landing page?

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Add payment plan to landing page

To select a product and payment plan, you do not need to use the default WooCommerce product pages but instead can add a custom link to a button or another text link on a landing page. 

You can create an add-to-cart link for a specific payment plan of a product by adding the  add-to-cartproduct_id, and  convert_to_sub_ parameters in your link.
Here are the query parameters to use when building your "Add to Cart" link:
  • add-to-cart
  • product_id
  • convert_to_sub_{product ID}&convert_to_sub_{product ID}={payment plan}

For a product with the ID 150 that has a payment plan for 4 monthly payments, the URL would be:

How can I find the product ID?

On your WordPress dashboard, go to Products > All Products. Next, hover over a specific product and it will reveal the product ID. 

If you are using a variation, you have to edit the product and then find the variation.

How can I automatically redirect the user to the Cart page after adding a product to the Cart?

  • On your WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings
  • Next, click the Products tab
  • Then, click the Add to cart behavior tab and turn on Redirect to the cart page after successful addition
  • Finally, test this with a specific page. After clicking the link, you will be directed to the Cart page

Additional examples

Example - 12 weekly payments
  • Product ID: 30
  • Payment Plan: 12 weekly payments

Example - 5 yearly payments
  • Product ID: 150
  • Payment Plan: 5 yearly payments

Example - 10 daily payments
  • Product ID: 150
  • Payment Plan: 10 daily payments
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