Is it possible to charge a higher price if a customer chooses a payment plan?

Yes, this is possible. For example, let's say you sell a product for $50 but you want to charge 4 monthly payments of $15 if they choose the payment plan option. 

To apply a premium (i.e. higher price) to a payment plan product:

  1. Select or Edit the product. A Payment Plans tab will display at the bottom of the screen, as pictured below.
  2. Click on the Payment Plans tab.
  3. Click Add Plan to add a payment plan.
  4. Set the Interval as every month.
  5. Set the Length as 4 months.
  6. Set the Regular Price as $15.

For this example, here is how your customers payment schedule would work:

  • $15 at time of sale
  • $15 30 days later
  • $15 60 days later
  • $15 90 days later

In total you will receive $60 after a customer makes their 4 monthly payments.

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