Why can't I just use the WooCommerce Subscriptions and the All Products for Subscriptions plugins? What do I gain by also buying this extension?

Here is what you seamlessly gain by using the Payment Plans extension:


  • You can rename “subscriptions” to “deposits” on the backend.
  • You can give each subscription (or deposit) a limited time duration (for example, each week or month = 1/N payment), with no ability for your customers to cancel future payments from the frontend.

The ability to cancel future payments is a big drawback of WooCommerce Subscriptions. If you are selling products and/or services on a subscription basis, this is not a problem, as you want your customers to have the ability to cancel. But if you are selling products and/or services in installments, you probably don't want your customers to have the ability to cancel future payments, and only our plugin provides this.

Your customers can simply click Cancel at any time and no longer have to make further payments.

But they can't do this when using the Payment Plans extension:

Product Page

  • You can add a plan description and/or plan subtext.

Cart/Checkout Page

  • You can indicate the payment plan.
  • You can indicate both future payments and the total amount that is due today.
  • You have the ability to modify the cart and checkout totals by removing subscription details and adding Payable over XX, Future Payments, Next Payment and other information.

My Account

  • With WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can login and either ‘Cancel’ or ‘Renew Now’ subscriptions. With our plugin, you can login as well, but we make the “Renew now” and “Cancel” actions unavailable. This prevents customers from cancelling their subscription when they still owe money on their payment plan.

Order Notifications Emails

  • You can adjust the order notification emails for daily, weekly and yearly durations in the End date column.
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